Artem Avetisyan

London based software developer and enthusiast


The Peoples Operator

RoR developer (full stack) · Mar 2015 to Apr 2015 · London ·

Building mobile operator store site for their launch in the US. Greenfield project. Rails 4.2.


RoR developer (full stack) · Oct 2014 to Jan 2015 · London ·

Working as a part of small agile team on various aspects of the site: searching for places, booking places, landlord onboarding, admin backend and more. Rails 4, Postgres/ElasticSearch, jQuery, Heroku. TDD (rspec), pair programming.


RoR developer (full stack) · Jun 2012 to Aug 2014 · London ·

Working on several versions of shopa platform helping the business to find the right one. Rails 3.2/4.1, golang, Postgres/ElasticSearch, Phonegap, Angular/React, jQuery, Heroku/Amazon, Docker/Vagrant. BDD, pair programming. Continuous deployment.


Developer-in-test · May 2011 to May 2012 · London

Bringing the light of BDD into some of the BBC Future Media projects. Ruby, Java, Cucumber. Pair programming.

Orange Labs UK

RoR developer · Jan 2011 to Mar 2011 · London · : mobile web application to helps people discover and exchange services with their neighbors. Greenfield project. Rails 3.0

Equal Media (currently

RoR developer · Dec 2010 · London

Migrated large (3 years old) core application from rails 2.3 to 3.0.

Orange Labs UK

RoR developer · Nov 2010 to Dec 2010 · London ·

Extending existing application – Orange Business Events – preparing it for next major release. The application had (web) mobile version and provided restful api for native mobile client. Rails 2.3.10.


RoR developer · Oct 2010 · (remote client)

Developed a webapp infrastructure for my client's custom web marketing tools. The application was built on the latest (as of this writing) rails technology stack (rails3, ruby1.9.2, rvm), using a number of industry standard libraries (devise, cancan, omniauth, simple_form, haml, jquery, etc), unit tested (rspec, shoulda, factory_girl) and hosted on heroku.


RoR developer · Apr 2010 to Aug 2010 · London ·

I was a part of a small agile team, mainly automating internals of AOL advertising business in the UK. That involved supporting existing application suite (adding features and bugfixing) as well as developing brand new applications.


Years of Perl and, prior to that, C++ development.

Technical Experience


ruby, javascript/coffeescript, golang, perl


rails, sinatra, jquery, backbone, angular, react, phonegap, rubymotion


outside in, BDD, cucumber, rspec, jasmine, mocha, travis-ci/jenkins/wercker


heroku, aws/digital ocean, docker

Dev Environment

linux/osx, vagrant, vim, tmux, git


postgres, elasticsearch, mongodb, mysql, sqlite

Open Source

REST-assured: mock/stub external http dependencies. Ruby, Sinatra, ActiveRecord, rubygem.

StarLogs: github project logs - Star Wars crawl style.

TransOver: simply the best Google Chrome translator extension. the smallest rails app on the planet.

Oompa-loompa: a handful of bots all twitting links from HN/reddit based on link score (e.g. follow @RProgramming150). Ruby, MongoDB, deployed with docker.

LJ-friends-feed: produce rss feed of friends' posts. Something that Live Journal never got around to implement for some reason. Deployed here. Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB, deployed with docker.

CCCV: finds copy/pastes in a git diff.

laundrette: customer/order automation for my friends' dry-cleaning shop. Rails 4.1, deployed to heroku.

DevNot: developer notes with code friendly markdown editor. Rails 3, Backbone.

Trackery: shows gps tracker trails on the map. Rails 4.2.1, Twilio api, heroku.

Lots of other tidbits on github




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